When Rachel put gas in her car she records the distance and she has driven since her last fill up and then number of gallon of gas that her car has used. she use this information to predict the amount of gas in her car we used to travel to different distance. Complete the equation so that it models the relationship between the number of gallons of gas that the Car uses Jeannie and the number of miles the car has driven D click the arrow to choose on the answer from each menu


Period is the time it takes for one “cycle” to complete. in the parent sine function, period is 2*pi since sin(0) = 0, sin(pi/2) = 1, sin(pi) = 0, sin(3pi/2) = -1, and sin(2pi) = 0. at that point, the sequence repeats itself. i’m not sure if your graph is similar to the sine function since you didn’t provide a picture, but you can find the period by looking at a graph.

the answer is d. (1.2, -4.7) on edgn

hope this !

we need picture

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