Can any one please help me with these Math questions soon as possible? A marble is randomly selected from a bag that contains 9 black, 5 red, and 13 blue marbles. Find the probability of the outcome.

A bowl contains pieces of paper with the names of 27 freshman, 33 sophomores, 30 juniors, and 42 seniors. Find the probability of the outcome.

At a soccer camp a group of soccer players randomly drew numbers from 1 to 44 to determine which practice squad they would be on. What is the probability that the first player to chose a number picked a number less than 12?


Iwould say false, not positive but if prices went up for both stores, technically there will be less buyers?

answer: huh

step-by-step explanation:

the answer to the first question is 9/27, 5/27, 13/27

the answer to the second question is 27/126, 33/126, 20/126, 42/126

the answer to the last question is 32/44

Step-by-step explanation:

they way you solve the fist two questions you just add the numbers up and that will tell you your probability.

for the last question you take the number of players and subtract it by 12 to get the top number

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