What is the slop of the line represented by y= 5x - 7


distance covered by pamela in 9 l of fuel = 99km

let us apply unitary method here.

distance covered by pamela in 1 l of fuel =99/9 =11 km

now let us find distance covered by pamela if she has 12 l of fuel.

distance covered in 12 l = distance covered in 1 l of fuel * 12

we know that distance covered by here in 1 l is 11 km.

so distance covered in 12 l of fuel = 11*12 = 132 km.

step-by-step explanation:

if x = 2 you have to find x to finish the problem

The slope is  

m =5

The y-intercept is  

b =-7 or (0,7)

Step-by-step explanation:

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