Suppose a spring with spring constant 9 N/m is horizontal and has one end attached to a wall and the other end attached to a 3 kg mass. Suppose that the friction of the mass with the floor (i. e., the damping constant) is 2 N⋅s/m.

a. Set up a differential equation that describes this system. Let x to denote the displacement, in meters, of the mass from its equilibrium position, and give your answer in terms of x, x′,x′′ . Assume that positive displacement means the mass is farther from the wall than when the system is at equilibrium.

b. Find the general solution to your differential equation from the previous part. Use c1 and c2 to denote arbitrary constants. Use t for independent variable to represent the time elapsed in seconds. Enter c1 as c1 and c2 as c2.
c. Is this system under damped, over damped, or critically damped?


download photomath it will give you the answer and show u the steps


step-by-step explanation:

factor the numerator and denominator and cancel the common factors

x = 3 ± √(5+y)

answer: 1 and 3

step-by-step explanation:

Which would prove that abc xyz? check all that apply

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