The safe load, L, of a wooden beam supported at both ends varies jointly as the width, w, the square of the depth, d, and inversely as the length, l. A wooden beam 5in. 5 ⁢ in. wide, 9in. 9 ⁢ in. deep, and 18ft 18 ⁢ ft long holds up 4007lb 4007 ⁢ lb . What load would a beam 8in. 8 ⁢ in. wide, 5in. 5 ⁢ in. deep and 17ft 17 ⁢ ft long of the same material support? (Round off your answer to the nearest pound.)


yes, whats the problem?

What is your question again i don't understand

8.3 and the 3 is repeating

hope this .

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