To sell 300 notebook and 120 pens quickly, a store decided to create two types of gift sets. One set is to include 2 notebooks and 1 pen, and the other will consist of 1 pen and 3 notebooks. First set will be sold for $8. While the second one is to cost $11.50. It is unprofitable for the store to sell less than 20 of any gift set. How many gift sets of each type does store need to sell to obtain the biggest possible income?


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the probability that a bird is green (.30) is true

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walter needs to make at least 5 more cookies but no more than 40. 5 ≥ x ≥ 40;

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walter has to make a minimum of 20 cookies. he already has 15 cookies made, so he must make 5 more to meet the minimum.

the maximum amount of cookies he can make is 55. he already has 15, so he has to make no more than 40 more cookies to meet the maximum.


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you get texts and minutes, so why not

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