Part 1: Record Information Spend a short amount of time (one to five minutes) doing your activity. Answer the following questions: What was the activity? How long did you spend doing your activity? How much of the activity did you complete in the time period? (Example: I did 24 sit-ups in one minute). Which of these variables is your dependent variable? Which one is the independent variable? Write a sentence that describes the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable. (Hint: Ratio language can help.) (Questions 1 to 3 are worth 1 point each; questions 4 to 6 are worth 2 points each.) Part 2: Prepare a Table Assuming that you could complete the activity at the same rate over different time periods, how much of the activity could you complete in two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, and five minutes? (Note: If you spent two minutes doing your activity, then you should edit the table below and use multiples of 2 up to 10).


He will need 2,898 pieces of paper
Agc and bgd are vertical angles

  yeah i agree

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that is stonks in one part

I think your gonna have to do this one on your own because this is a whole experiment. Just saying. :)

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