If a tire rotates at 450 revolutions per minute when the car is traveling 81km/h, what is the circumference of the tire?


write out the polynomial, with leading coefficient 1:

y = 1 (x+2)^1 (x-7)^1 (x-5)^2

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52 \43 i don't know this i tried

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d. 24+-0.114

step-by-step explanation:

the question requires us to calculate the approximate 95% confidence interval for the mean number of ounces of ketchup per bottle in the sample given the following statistics;

sample mean = 24

standard deviation, σ = 0.4

sample size , n = 49

the confidence interval for a population mean is calculated using the formula;

sample mean ± z-score*(σ/sqrt(n))

the z-score associated with a 95% confidence interval, from the standard normal tables, is;


substituting these values into the formula;

24 ± 1.96*(0.4/7)

= 24 ± 0.112

from the alternatives given, choice d is closest to the above expression;

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