A car salesman has 9 used cars for sale. They have a mean price of $6000. What is the total price of all 9 cars


u = -(6/7)w

step-by-step explanation:

place all values with 'u' on one side of the equation.

4u + 8w = - 3u + 2w

4u + 3u = 2w - 8w

further simplify the equation by solving the addition and subtraction.

7u = - 6w

make 'u' the independent variable by placing its co-efficient on the right-hand side.

u = - (6/7)w

Provide an equation
She will need 5/8 bags for each square yard.


step-by-step explanation:

divide 48÷4=12

multiply 12*3=36 that's your answer

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