Minneapolis, Minnesota and Portland, Oregon have very similar latitudes. The histograms below show the daily high temperatures that were recorded during July
2013 in each city.
Which pieces of information can be gathered from these histograms?
Choose all answers that apply:
It was warmer in Minneapolis every day.
Minneapolis had the coldest daily high temperature of these two cities.
None of the above


Y’all got to do it all over

it would take 7/10 of an hour too fill the pool.

step-by-step explanation:

A) for the n row: 22+(n-1)×6therefore,b) 100-22=78that means (n-1)×6=7878÷6=1313+1=1414th row has 100 seats

from the figure we get,

the x axis shows   the months and,

the y-axis shows the number of satisfied customer.

each line or each cell in upward direction (y-axis) shows 500.

the appropriate scale for the y - axis is: -

a = 2000 customers

b = 4000 customers

c = 6000 customers

d = 8000 customers

e = 10000 customers

f = 12000 customers

g = 14000 customers

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