An advertiser goes to a printer and is charged $48 for 50 copies of one flyer and $66 for 197 copies of another flyer. The printer charges a fixed setup cost plus a charge for every copy of the flyer. Find a function that describes the cost of a printing job, if n is the number of copies made


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she would want to sell 10 full-year subscriptions and at least 9 half-year subscriptions to get a total of at least $300. 

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step-by-step explanation:

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Kelly sells magazine subscriptions after work. the half-year subscriptions cost $12, and the full-ye

Step-by-step explanation:

Let n represent the number of copies made.

Let y represent the cost of making n copies.

If we plot y on the vertical axis and n on the horizontal axis, a straight line would be formed. The slope of the straight line would be

Slope, m = (66 - 48)/(197 - 50)

m = 18/147 = 0.122

The equation of the straight line can be represented in the slope-intercept form, y = mx + c


c = intercept

m = slope

To determine the intercept, we would substitute x = 66, y = 48 and m = 0.122 into y = mx + c. It becomes

48 = 0.122 × 66 + c = 8.052 + c

c = 48 - 8.052

c = 39.948

The linear function that describes the cost of a printing job would be

y = 0.122n + 39.948

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