Harry the hungry hippo is munching on the lily pads in his pond. when he arrived at the pond,
there were 20 lily pads, but he is eating 4 lily pads an hour. heinrick the hungrier hippo found a better
pond with 29 lily pads! he eats 7 lily pads every hour. homework
if harry and heinrick start eating at the same time, when
will their ponds have the same number of lily pads

b. how many lily pads will be left in each pond at that time?


After the 3rd hour

8 lily pads

Step-by-step explanation:

This is quite straight forward and require no deep mathematics.

Harry has 20 lily pads to eat and he eats 4 per hour. After the first hour, he eats 4 and he has 16 left. After second hour, he eats another 4 and he has 12 left. After third hour, he eats four and has eight left.

For Hennrick, he has 29 lily pads and he eats 7 per hour. After first hour, he has 22 left. After second hour, he eats another 7 and have 15 left. After 3rd hour, he eats another 7 and has just 8 left.

8 lily pads will be left at the same time

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