The product of two numbers is 50. if one of the numbers is
what is the other number?


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(0.2)+(-8)=0.3+-3+0.3m is the equation i guess? ?

step-by-step explanation:

Answerthe simplified expression is2x + 28explanationthe given expression is,2(10) + 2(x - - 4)let us deal with the bracket first.the two negatives in the parenthesis will become positive.the expression now becomes,2(10) + 2(x + 4)we now expand the parenthesis to get,20 + 2x + 8we group like terms to obtain,2x + 8 + 20this simplifies to,2x + 28

the required function is y=-x+4.

step-by-step explanation:

from the given table it is noticed that the graph passing through (-3,7), (0,4), (3,1) and (8,-4).

it is a linear function because the value of y is decrease by one as the value of x increase by 1.

the slope of the function is


the slope of the function is -1 and the y-intercept is 4.

the slope intercept form is


where, m is slope and b is y-intercept.



therefore the required function is y=-x+4. the graph of this function is shown below.

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