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C would be the correct answer


Huck has observered characterics of the widow's nature - he can't smoke but she can hav snuff and doesn't like Moses which has nothing to to with her.

Observant, youthful


From this excerpt, we can tell that Huck is both observant and youthful. We learn that Huck is observant because of the remarks he makes about the widow. He tells us that the widow is hypocritical, because she uses snuff but does not let him smoke. Moreover, we learn that he is youthful, because he still has to ask permission to do some things, and is forced to obey the widow when she says no.

If i'm not mistaken the corect answer is B.  the widow insists that smoking is a mean and unclean practice.




I beleive your answer is c. observant.

Based on the passage provided you can tell that Huck is a very observant person. "That is just the way with some people" is an example; He observed that some people are like that.

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