Y=2x^2 what is the answer in a table form


Either graphs A or B.

C) Graph B

Step-by-step explanation:

All of these equations have the line y = -2x - 2 graphed.

In the inequality, we have the symbol greater than or equal to.  This tells us the line drawn must be solid, not dashed.  This means the correct graph is either B or D.

Since it is greater than or equal to, the shaded area must be above the line.  This is graph B.

( 5, 2) and ( 6, 4)
slope m = (4-2)/(6-5) = 2

y = mx + b
b = y - mx
b = 2 - 2(5)
b = 2 - 10
b = -8

so now you have slope m = 2 and y intercept b = -8

y = 2x - 8

a. y = 2x - 8

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