In order for tom to earn a b in his math class, his test scores must average at least 80. on the first 5 tests, he has an average of 77. there is one test remaining, what is the minimum tom needs to earn a b?


The answer would be 10.
A= the square root of 3“if letters are anything like people, they’re all equal and deserve to be treated equally.”

do you have a picture of the table


the given function is ,

f(x) = 4 x^3 - 72 x^2 + 320 x,

      = 4x( x^2- 18 x + 80)\\\\ 4 x(x^2-10 x -8 x + 80) \\\\ 4 x[(x-10)(x-8)]

the three roots of this quadratic function is , 0 ,8 and 10.all the roots are real and rational.

if a quadratic equation is of the form ,

f(x) = a x^3+ b x^2 + c x+d,

sum of the roots = a + b +c= 0+8+10=18=   \frac{-b}{a}

product of roots taken two at a time = a b + b c+ c a = 0+80+0=80 =   \frac{c}{a}

product of roots = a b c = 0=   \frac{d}{a}

there are 11 doors in a hall starting from 0 to 11.the entry in the hall is permitted through gate number 0 and exit is allowed through only gate number 8 and, three roots(0,8,10) of quadratic function f(x) = 4 x^3 - 72 x^2 + 320 x, is given by entry and exit route of this hall.

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