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in the continental united states, the ratio of states that border an ocean to states that do not border an ocean is 7: 9. how many of the states border an ocean?


There is a total of 49 states in the continental U.Sbecause u exclude Hawaii
7:9added = 16

7/16(49) = 343/16 = 21.4 border an ocean rounded = 21
9/16(49) = 441/16 = 27.6 do not border an ocean... rounded = 28
So, there are 48 states, let's divide them into 16 groups  (because 7+9=16)


so that means there are 16 groups of 3 states.

and those groups are in a ratio of 7:9, seven to 9 groups.

I assume that the 7 refers to the states that border an ocean, then the number of states will be 7*3=21


Step-by-step explanation:

witch ever part was mentioned first is going to be the first ratio

 21 states

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, The total number of states in the continental United States is 48 in which some are in the border of ocean and some are not in the border of ocean.

According to the question,

The ratio of the states having the border to the ocean and not having the border to the the ocean = 7 : 9

Let the states having the border to the ocean = 7x

The the states do not having the border to the ocean = 9x

Thus,  7x + 9x = 48

⇒ 16 x = 48

⇒ x = 3

Thus, the states having the border to the ocean = 7 × 3 = 21

21 states

so there are 48 states in the continental US and 7+9=16 which is a third of 48, so you have to multiply the numbers by 3

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