To find the product of 3/7 x 2/9,cameron simplified 3/7 to 1/7 and then multiplied the fractions 1/7 and 2/9 to find the product 2/63.what is cameron's error


The first one should be A since you can factor u^2-4 into (u+2)(u-2)



= (u²-4)/(u²-8u+12)

= (u+2)(u-2)/(u-2)(u-6)

= u+2/u-6

The answer is A

5a³(2a)/ ab(35

= 10a^4/35ab

= 10a³/35b

= 2a³/7b

The answer is D

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1. 4x⁶ + 6x⁵ + 8x⁴ is your answer, so b.

2. x^2 − 49 is your answer, so b.

3. 2x^2 + 6x-20 is your answer, so a.

4. (f • g)(2) = 12, the distance in miles the bicycle traveled, so b. ( not 100% sure tho)

5. 8x³-34x²+25x-3 is your answer, so c.

6. 30x^2 - 26x -12 is polynomial is the answer, so c.

7.   not sure : (

8.   not sure: (

9. not sure : (

10. x^2 − 14x + 49 is the answer, so a.

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