What is a equation parallel to y=1/3x-2?


The answer is D, because when an eq. is // it has to have the same slope (number before X)
Parallel lines have the same slope.
The slope of this line is 3, so the slope of any line parallel to it will also be 3.

So far, you know that the equation of any line parallel to  y=3x-7
starts out the same ...  y = 3x+?
But what about the y-intercept ?    y = 3x plus what ?

It doesn't matter !  It can be anything !   ALL lines with the same slope
are parallel, no matter what their y-intercept is.

The equation of a line parallel to  y=3x-7  is 

                                             y = 3x plus or minus anything.
It would be 1/3 then A,D,C,5/3,A respectively

Step-by-step explanation:

an equation perpendicular to the equation given will have a slope of -1, because a perpendicular slope is opposite and reciprical. if it goes through the point 4,-1 and has a slope of -1, the y intercept has to be 3. y = -x + 3

parallel lines have to have the same slope of 3.


1. is neither


Step-by-step explanation:

hope it helps

1) m=-2

2) C) y=-3/4x -6

3) D) y=2/5x-2

I don't understand 4 nor 5. My apologies.

6) Parallel

Asap 15 points 1) determine the slope of the line that is perpendicular to the equation below. y = -

  The equations of the lines are y=3 and y=8.

  Parallel lines have equal slopes, so if the slopes are opposites, the slopes must be 0.

  A line with this slope and passing through (7, 3) has equation y=3.

Step-by-step explanation:

The above answer statements pretty much speak for themselves. The only opposite numbers that are equal are 0 and -0 = 0, so the slopes must be 0.

A line with a zero slope has a constant y-value, so is of the form ...

  y = constant

If it goes through a point with a y-coordinate of 3, then the constant must be 3. The line is ...

  y = 3


If the sum of two numbers is 11 and one of them is 3, the other is 8. So, the parallel line has equation y = 8.

8. I think it’s parallel lines.


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