Each shape is 1 whole. write a fraction greater than 1


When a shape in one whole and the halves are shaded it equals that same amount.
What parts are shaded...you gotta help us out here bro...
The instructions is to write/draw a fraction that is greater than 1. Use a shape to represent a whole. Then shade the other shapes partially to show that it is a part of a whole or a fraction of a whole. Given 2 circles divided in two, shade the other half to have 1/2 and shade the other circle fully to have 1 and 1/2 or 3/2 which is greater than 1. 
I don't see the shaded parts.. I would love to help. Can you tell me what they look like?

Ex). 4/5; 6/10; 7/8

Step-by-step explanation:

What you need to do is count how many parts there are in total and then count how many are shaded. The amount that is shaded becomes your numerator and the all the parts are your denominator.


2 = 16/8

The are 8 parts in a whole. And you can count 16 parts.



step-by-step explanation:

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