Graph y=1.5x-4.7 in a rectangular system. find x-and y-intercepts algebraically. (round to one decimal place as needed.)


X - y = 1multiply by -5
5x - 4y = 0

-5x + 5y = -5 (result of multiplying by -5)
5x - 4y = 0
y = -5

x - y = 1
x - (-5) = 1
x + 5 = 1
x = 1 - 5
x = -4

solution is (-4,-5)

The answer to this problem is:

It will shift down 6 units

Step-by-step explanation:

not only have the y-intercept(s) change but also where they are positioned, this is shown in the graphs below.

Is the equation y=1/5x+2 is changed to y=1/5x-4, how will graph the line change
Is the equation y=1/5x+2 is changed to y=1/5x-4, how will graph the line change
From what i can calculate these are the answers but im atleast 70% sure their right i fount the answers on google :P but um these are the answers i got but their is 1 that may not be right 

P.S. One more thing i have calculated from this is your beautiful

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