What is the area of the composite figure? (2 cm)
(671 + 4) cm
(677 + 16) cm?
(1211 + 4) cm
(121 + 16) cm


1st integer x

2nd integer x+1

3rd integer x+2

4th integer x+3

x+x+1 +x+2+x+3 =74

combine like terms

4x+6 = 74

subtract 6 from each side

4x = 68

x = 17

the integers are 17,18,19,20


step-by-step explanation:

steve should create a type of business report called a business plan. the correct option among the options that are already given in the question is the last or the fourth option. this business report created by steve will actually influence the investors about investing their money in steve's business. this business report will have all the details about the business, the amount of investment required and the amount of expected profit.

a=24; b=12

step-by-step explanation:

a/b=2: 1





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