The number of water bottles, y, filled in x
minutes by each of two machines is given by the
equations below. use substitution to determine
if there is a point at which the machines will
have filled the same number of bottles.

160x + 2y = 50

y + 80x = 50


The answer is B!
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Part 1.

The correct option is the option C which is all cells come from the pre-existing cells.


Mitosis is the cell division in which one cell divides into two identical cells having same number of chromosomes.

So a cell divide into two giving two cells which further divides.

Even a whole organism come from the division of single cell which is made from the combination of an egg and sperm.

Part 2.

The correct option is the option A which is gene.


DNA contains all the information necessary for a whole organism.

A gene is the unit of DNA which describes a single trait.

For example gene of eye color and gene for insulin production.

So the gene is exact answer to this question while proteins and phenotype are less relevant to question.

Part 3.

Graphs are not given in this question but a graph Will be hyperbola type of inversely proportional. The line in graph descends.


If distance square is on x axis and intensity of light on y axis, The line will move from upward to lower direction.

In the graph at initial distance means low square of distance the intensity will be high and as the square distance increases the intensity will become low.

The line on the graph will descends as the distance square on x axis increases.

Part 4.

The correct answer will be option B.


The process of generating sugar from the carbon dioxide and water in the presence of light and green pigment chlorophyll is known as the photosynthesis.It occurs mostly in leaves off plants.While respiration is the breakdown of food generating energy.And digestion is simplification of complex molecules and osmosis is the transport of water across membrane.Hence photosynthesis is the correct answer.
Part 5.

The correct answer is the option D which is the population of frogs and mice would increase which would cause the population of grasshoppers to decrease.


Snake is the tertiary consumer in a food web and frogs and mice are secondary consumer while grasshopper is the primary consumer.

As the snake is removed from the food web the population of frogs and mice will increase due to the less pray of secondary consumers.

As frog and mice will increased they will eat more grasshopper making decrease in grasshopper population.

Part 6.

The correct answer is the option B which is the volume of block B is more than A.


The rate of sinking depends upon the density of blocks.

As we know both blocks sink at the same rate. Hence both blocks have same density.

Now the mass measured of block B is more than block A.

But their mass to volume ratio is same. So it means block B has more mass with more volume making density equal to block A.

Part 7.

The correct answer is the option B which is the solution is the base.


Litmus papers are indicators that are used to know the pH of a solution.They change color as the indication of acidic or basic solution.A red litmus paper turns into blue when the solution is basic.A blue litmus paper turns red under acidic solution.

In this question the red litmus changes color to blue it means solution would be basic or alkaline.

Part 8.

The correct answer of this question is the option D which is insulin maintain the homeostasis within the body system.


Homeostasis is body's condition in internal equilibrium. It actually maintains the body in internal condition into dynamic equilibrium.

As the concentration of glucose increases the insulin lowers it. And as the glucose level concentration becomes too low then an hormone known as glycogen is release by pancreas which increases the glucose level in blood.

Hence all mechanism of insulin is to maintain the homeostasis in body.

Part 9.

The correct option is A.


A chemical compound is the combination of two or more than two different elements forming a stable compound.While an element is the combination of 2 or more than 2 same atoms.Atoms form elements and elements forms the compounds.For example C6H12O6 is a chemical compound made from 3 types of elements.While H2 is an elements.Part 10.

The option B is the correct option. Jupiter has shortest day in given planets.


The time period of a day of a planet depends upon its rotation around its axis.A planet with shortest time period of rotation around its axis will have shortest day.The Jupiter has shortest day. Its spinning time around its axis is  9 hr 55 min 29.69 sec.It is because Jupiter has small axial tilt of only 3.13 degrees.

What is the country and That is alot


Can you give less info and a summary of what you need done


3/10 litres

Step-by-step explanation:

total water = 6 litres in 20 balloons equally

in each balloon = 6/20

1. C
2. A
4. B (?)
9. A
10. D

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