Arecipe for 24 cookies calls for 2.25 cups of flour. you already have 1.5 cups flour, but you need to make 36 cookies total. how much more flour fo you need?


hey there! may i know your answer. your saying the estimate is 7,000 and only 5,600. if you want to know how many did not vote it was 1,400.


step-by-step explanation:

because first you have to add the 4x, 9x, and the 7x together and you get 20x and then you add the last numbers up and you get 5and then you put the subtraction sign in there and that's how you get the answer.

Need , 5. find the perimeter. a. 40x – 10 b. 12x – 5 c. 20x – 5 d. 20x – 3

you still need 1.875 cups of flour

you still need 1.875 cups of flour

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