Do i slove by substitution or elimination and how?

x = y-1
-6x+3y = -12​


both graphs increase on their domain

neither graph has a y-intercept

step-by-step explanation:

the following points can be visualized easily from the graph

there is a hike in both the graphs so the graphs are increasing on their domain.x-intercept of log x and log 6x are differentthere is a vertical asymptote of both the graphs so there is no y-interceptas both the graphs are increasing so there is no horizontal asymptote

the population of other specie of birds will decline or other specie of birds will find some alternate source of food to survive.


according to the competitive exclusion principle, which is also known as gause's law, two specie living in the same niche and feeding on the same resource cannot co-exist stably.

as we have well studied the theory of natural selection which states that only those organisms survive which have better tendency to compete for food and adapt to the environmental conditions.

coming towards the question, what wi ll happen when one species outcompetes the other for the small fish , the other specie will not get enough food and will start to die or decline in population. eventually either other specie needs to find another alternative food source for itself or migrate at some other location where there is less competition otherwise it will just not exist anymore at that niche.

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B. 2 1/2 feet. multiply 2.5 inches by 12 to get thirty inches then divide by 12 to get 2.5 feet

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