Find the future value of this loan.
$8,706 at 10.4% for 10 months


answer: bearing in mind that a rectangle has a perimeter of length + length + width + width.

step-by-step explanation:

p = perimeter

l = length


p = 2l + 2x

p = 2(l+x)     < ==== perimeter of the base of the box.

Abox is to be constructed with a rectangular base and a height of 5 cm. if the rectangular base must
That’d be 9 years or something


step-by-step explanation:

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so, when we see the words "proportional" along with a table, we need to know that we're looking numbers that divide by the same thing.

looking at this table, we simply have to do a trial and error, and divide to see which numbers have the same quotient. if you look at choice a & c, they both have equal quotients for three of the numbers, with one exception, so those can't be the answer. looking at b, there is no similarity, so that can't be it. then, we see d; if you divide all the numbers in the table, you'll see that they all divide by two, which is a proportional relationship, and our answer!

4/2 = 2\\7/3.5=2\\8/4=2\\10/5=2

also, always remember that the x will always be the number that goes into y, and somewhere behind this table, is a formula. for this specific table, the formula would be:


since our x-value is being divided by two to get the y-value. and if they were to ask for more numbers in the series, this is the formula you would use to find them.

the direct variation says that:

y \propto x

then the equation is of the form is given by:

y = kx             where k is the constant variation.

from the given table:

consider any value of x and m(x)=y

x = 2 and m(x)=y = 3

substitute these value in [1]; we have;

3 = 2k

divide both sides by 2 we get;

k =\frac{3}{2} = 1.5

m(x) = 1.5x


put x = -1 and m(x) = -1.5

substitute in the equation:

m(x) = 1.5x

-1.5 = 1.5(-1)

-1.5 = -1.5                   true

therefore, the function m(x) represents a direct variation

graph of this function as shown below:

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