(8.1d; 8.10, 8.177
3. which equation best represents the relationship of sides
7, s, and t in the triangle shown in the diagram to the right?
a ²+² = f not divided
b +5 = 2t
c m2 + x2 =52
d 2 + 32 = 62
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step-by-step explanation: the answer is 27. first multiply .32 by 25 which equals 8. then add 8 to 25 which gives you 33. then you subtract that from 6 since she gave 6 to her brother.

,, add !

the answer is: d) o, f, and kr.

atomic radius of bromine (br) is 114 pm.

atomic radius of oxygen (o) is 73 pm.

atomic radius of fluorine (f) is 72 pm.

atomic radius of krypron (kr) is 112 pm.

the atomic radius of a chemical element is a measure of the size of its atom.

the atomic radius varies with increasing atomic number, but usually increases because of increasing of number of electrons.

the atomic radius decreases across the periods because an increasing number of protons, because greater attraction between the protons and electrons.

your answer would be 12

answer: all of the odd numbers were opened

the first person was the one that was opening all of the lockers. since one is odd, this causes all of the odd number lockers to be opened in the end.

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