The bowling alley charges two dollars to rent bowling shoes and $4.50 per game write an algebraic expression to represent the cost of bowling g games



d.) yes, because the volume of the cone is greater than the volume of the sphere

step-by-step explanation:

option (b) is correct

step-by-step explanation:

to find the solution of this system, we need to convert it into reduced row-echelon form. we have,

\begin{bmatrix}1 & 0 &  0& |5 \\ 0&  2&  0&  |8\\ 0&  0& 3&  |9\end{bmatrix}

after applying row operations r2 -> r2/2 and r3 -> r3/3, we get,

\begin{bmatrix}1 &  0 & 0& |5 \\ 0&  1& 0&  |4\\0& 0& 1&  |3\end{bmatrix}

What is the next step in solving this augmented matrix using gauss-jordan elimination method

answer: 204

step-by-step explanation:

we are told that the revenue is


this is a quadratic function, so to maximize it we should find the x-value of its vertex. recall that the x-value of the vertex of the parabola ax^2+bx+c is given by the formula −b/2a.

so in this case, we have a=−10 and b=4080, so the x-value of the vertex is

−b/2a= −(4080)/2(−10)=204

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The answer is 361. This is because you take 731 and subtract 9 and you get 722. Then you divide 722 by two and you get 361. Hope this helped!!...Read More
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