After eating at the restaurant, joan, melanie , and sam decide to divide the bill evenly. if each person paid 37 dollars, what was the total of the bill?


part a

x     y

0     8

1     7.5

2     7

3     6.5

4     6

5     5.5  

for every hour i deducted .5 inches from the length of the candle

part b

it is a function because for every x value there is only one y value

part   c

for every x value there is only one y value

x       y

0       8

1       7.6

2       7.2

3       6.8

step-by-step explanation:

What are the answer choices?


Step-by-step explanation:

37x3 = 111

111/3 =37


Step-by-step explanation:

37x3 = 111

111/3 =37

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