The school librarian must place 28 books on
each shelf she arranged 150 books in all how many shelves in the library use


(a) {a₁, a₁r, a₁r², … a₁rⁿ⁻¹, …}

(b) $59 398

step-by-step explanation:

(a) the annual sequence of profits

aₙ = a₁rⁿ⁻¹

the model for the sequence of profits is {a₁, a₁r, a₁r², … a₁rⁿ⁻¹, …} .

(b) profit after 15 yr

  a₁ = $ 30 000

  r = 1.05

a₁₅ = 30 000 × 1.05¹⁴

a₁₅ = 30 000 × 1.979 93

a₁₅ = $59 398

the profit in year 15 will be $59 398.

answer is c

step-by-step explanation:




step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

u take $30 minus $24. the answer/original($30)

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