Arecent server he shows that 67% of students watch three or more hours of television a night suppose there are 892 students in your school what would be a reasonable estimate of the number of students in your school who watch 3 or more hours of television a night? explain your reasoning.


i'm assuming that it's c.)   volcanoes built the mountains and earthquakes tore them down.

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Been stuck on this one way to long need

∠acb = 8°

step-by-step explanation:

∠xba lies on the circle and is half the measure of the intercepted arc ax


measure of arc ax = 2 × 42° = 84°

∠acb is outside the circle and is

∠acb = \frac{1}{2} (arcab - arcax ), hence

∠acb = 0.5 (100 - 84) = 0.5 × 16° = 8°

The figure below shows a triangle with vertices a and b on a circle and vertex c outside it. side ac

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