Nahom goes shopping for art supplies and spend a total of 35.25. the number of markers she buys is 3 more than twice the number of paintbrushes. if markers cost 2.75 each and paintbrushes cost 3.50 each, then how many of each did she buy



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the answer is a if my teacher taught me correct

a and c

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Select the two correct answers you!

3 1/3 x 2 3/5 = 8 2/3

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just multiply the first number by the second number to get your answer.

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Yes, the price is proportional you can figure this out easily by taking each price and dividing by the amount for example $2.10 / 6 = 0.35 ,  $2.80 / 8 = 0.35  , $5.60 / 16 = 0.35...Read More
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