If 4/3 liters of water are enough to water 2/5 of the plants in the house, how much water is necessary to water all the plants in the house?


Step-by-step explanation:

let's amount of water is x and amount of plants y

then 4/3 x = 2/5 y

=> 20x=6y

=>. x= 6y/20

Step-by-step explanation:

2/5 x ? = 4/3?

4/3 / 2/5= ?

Quick method is quick change flip, Change the division sign into multiplication and switch the values in the denominator and numerator of the second fractiom

4/3 x 5/2 = 20/6

simplify to 10/3

x or ? = 10/3

written as a mixed number is is 3 1/3

the answer is 10/3

the answer is 10/3

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