Were to put parentheses around the number 8x5-4x3+12/4 to equal 34


8(4)^8=72^feet to say that the total can conclude to 8(4) which as you know would mean 8 x 4. that equals 32w. 32^ could make a 72 answer as well. but your coefficent will remain w so your answer is 72w.


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Band c because if a graph has 3 negative parts and only 1 positive part it would be able to go in between the positive and negitive


step-by-step explanation:

rulers and compasses arent required in order to bisect an angle because when bisecting angles, you're making a "half circle" and considering in order to bisect an angle it wouldn't be straight, you wouldn't need either of the two

they will manufacture 8496 cars

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