Two planes take off from st. louis at the same time and fly in opposite directions. one plane is flying twenty miles per hour faster than the other plane. how fast is each plane flying if they are 1695 miles apart after 1.5 hours?


well kind of. you get friend requests. and you can accept them or not so yes.

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after going and makeing graphs i would go with a,

there is nothing that is matches the graph. if there was i would show you. but therefore my answer is a.

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Which of the following inequalities matches the graph a. the correct inequality is not listed b. 5

both graphs increase on their domain

neither graph has a y-intercept

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the following points can be visualized easily from the graph

there is a hike in both the graphs so the graphs are increasing on their domain.x-intercept of log x and log 6x are differentthere is a vertical asymptote of both the graphs so there is no y-interceptas both the graphs are increasing so there is no horizontal asymptote

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