Nicole is draining water from her pool. the equation y=3-1500× can be used to find the number of gallons of water, y, still remaining in the pool after x days


the correct answer is c

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The answer is 30 minutes to an hour
First step is to get rid of the square root. remember that a square root is the same as raising to the (1/2) power. see below:  \sqrt{\frac{ {72x}^{16} }{ {50x}^{{{36} }}}} = \frac{ { \sqrt{72}x}^{ {16}^{ (\frac{1}{2}) } } }{ { \sqrt{50} x}^ {{36}^{ (\frac{1}{2}) } }}multiply exponents per exponent rules to get:  \frac{ { \sqrt{72}x}^{8} }{ { \sqrt{50}x}^{18} } remember you subtract exponents from the denominator and add exponents in the numerator so:  \sqrt{ \frac{72}{ 50}} \times ( {x}^{(8 - 18) } ) = \sqrt{ \frac{36}{25} } \times ( {x}^{ - 10} )simplify further:  \frac{6}{5} {x}^{ - 10} = \frac{6}{5 {x}^{10} } so a is the correct choice. if you don't understand this google exponent rules and it will you understand. look at the image results.
Plz hurrywhat is the simplified form of  ? assume  x  ≠ 0.

step-by-step explanation: i dont

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