Afarmer water 3/8 of a field what percentage is equivalent to the fraction of the field the farmer wanted?


Simple. percent is always out of one hundred. Since fifty can make one hundred when multiplied by two, let's do that. now, we must follow the Law of Equality. what happens to one side must always be fine to the other. 37·2= 74. then you have 74/100. convert this into a percent and you have 74%

first you divide numerator by the denominator which is equal to .875 because it's a percent you move the decimal 2 places which is equal to 87.5 which is your percent that is equivalent

7/50 = 14%

Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Top dawg in the house (the numerator becomes the dividend)

So instead of putting 50÷7 into the calculator, you would do 7÷50, which equals 0.14.

Step 2: Turn your decimal to a fraction.

Your decimal is 0.14. The last number of this decimal is in the HUNDREDTHS place. Therefore, you should MULTIPLY BY 100, or MOVE YOUR decimal two places to the RIGHT, which is 14.

All in all, 7/50 = 14%


Step-by-step explanation:


move decimal two places to the right


the answer is B) 37.50%

i think the percentage is 75%

87.5% via 7/8 is .875 and u move two decimal places over
14% because 7/50 divided by 100 equals 14.
I believe the correct answer is: 37%

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