Terry wants to buy a skateboard which cost $80 . the sales tax is 7%. what will be the cost of skateboard? ​


Tax is $5.60 and the total cost is $85.60.. this is @ 7% tax
Tax is $5.60 and the total cost is $85.60
So here is what I think you mabey need to add so the answer is 87$$ hope I helped you

The total cost of the skateboard is $85.6.


The total cost of the skateboard would be $80 plus the sales tax that is 7% of the price. So, you have to multiply $80 for 7% to determine the amount that would be paid as sales tax:


Then, you have to add the price of the skateboard with the tax to have the total cost:

$80+$5.6= $85.6

After you multiply 7% to 80 you will be left with 5.60, then you add 5.60 to 80 to get $85.60. So if she has any more than $85.60 then she will be able to buy the skateboard

5.60 is the tax and the total is 85.60    hope this helps

Step-by-step explanation:

($80 / 100) x 7 = $5.60 $80 + $5.60 = $85.60
x. .07



+ 5.60

$74.40 since 80 time .07 is 5.6 and 80- 5.6 is 74.40
7% in decimal form is .07 so you multiply that by 80 and it gives you 56 so you subtract it by 80 and gives you 4 and you add 80 to it so the answer is $84

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