Sample of 1017 adults were asked if they were in favor of the death penalty.63%said yes.

out of 1017 people what #of people were in favor of the death penalty? (in whole #)

how do i go about solving this




step-by-step explanation:

odd numbers are only divisible by 1 and itself.

even numbers are divisible by more than 1 and itself.

for example 6 is even because it is divisible by more than 1 and its self. 1 x 6= 6 ; 2 x 3= 6

and 7 is odd because only 7 x 1 equals seveb

i saw this question before, dont know the asnwer srry

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hi im bob : l

step-by-step explanation:

step-by-step explanation:

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i would be 2,000 just get the square root of 50 which is 2500 and the divid 4/5 and last thing multiply the answer you get for that by the square root of 50step-by-step explanation...Read More
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