Determine whether or not the following points fall on the graph of f(x) = 3x² + 6x + 5.
part a: (3, -4)
part b: (-1, 4)
show and explain your work.


add an image, and i will answer

step-by-step explanation:

welll its a very hard question but ill

step-by-step explanation:

first you take the 6 dollars and add 10 to it then add the 50 to that then multiply by 8 with xy and your answer will be

hope this

(0,-3) see attached graph

step-by-step explanation:

a. to solve the system, graph the two equations.

x = y+3 becomes y=x-3 has m=1/1 and b=-3. start at (0,-3) on the y-axis and plot a point. then move up 1 unit and 1 unit to the right. plot a point and connect.

y=-4x+3 has m =-4/1 and b=-3. start at (0,-3) on the y-axis and plot a point. then move down four units and to the right 1 unit. plot a point and connect.

the solution is the point (x,y) where the two lines intersect. by the graph below it is (0,-3).

b. to solve by substitution, substitute y = -4x-3 into x= y+3

x= (-4x-3) +3




now substitute x = 0 back in to find y.

y= -4(0)-3



solution is (0,-3)

c. use elimination by adding the equations together.





then substitute into one equation to find y.




step-by-2step explanation:

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