How many 30 degrees angles in a circle


It takes 3 30 degree angles to make 90 degrees and 2 90 degree angles to make 180 degrees. So it would take 6 30 degree angles to make 180 degrees.
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I'm going to assume you either mean a 90 ° turn or full 360 ° turn. 

For a 90 ° turn you would simply need three 30 ° angles as 30 * 3 = 90.

For a 360 ° turn you would need twelve 30 ° angles as 30 * 12 = 360.
Full turn
either you means a 180 degrees which is a direct U-turn
or 360 degrees turn which is 1 full rotation


how many 30's make full turn
x times 30=full turn
divide both sides by 30
x=full turn/30
therefor we just divide by 30 to find how many of them are needed
6 turns if 1 full turn is 180

12 turns if 1 full turn is 360

I would go with 12 turns

150 minus 30 equals 120 but i did 150/30 and got 5

6 i belive let me double check
12 turns.
360 degrees is a full turn, so if you multiply 30 degreed by 12, you go around in a circle.



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