What is the value of x + 3/4 when x=1/8


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Consider this right triangle. select all trigonometric functions that are equivalent to the ratio x/


Step-by-step explanation: This is a substitution problem, from the expression x + ³/₄, where x = ¹/₈, we now replace or substitute for x and then solve the expression fractionally, the expression now becomes

¹/₈ + ³/₄

Now , find the l. c. m. of the denominator 8 and 4

            1 + 6



          = 7/8

NOTE: To get 1 and 6, you find out how many times 8 can go in the l. c. m. and later multiplied the number of times by  the numerator which = 1.

And the number of times 4 can go in the l. c. m. (8) which is 2 times then multiplied by the numerator (3) = 6.

Adding 1 and 6 together gives 7/8.

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