Last week, the price, in dollars, of a gallon of gasoline was g. this week the price of gasoline per gallon increased by 5%. which expressions represent this weeks price, in dollars, of a gallon of gasoline?
a. g+0.05
b. g+0.05g
c. 1.05g
d. 0.05g
e. (1+0.05)g


answer: true go with true

step-by-step explanation:

y -5 = (-1/4)(x + 8)

step-by-step explanation:

The price of gasoline in this week is 1.05g. Option C

Step-by-step explanation:


The price of a gallon of gasoline = g in last week.

The price of gasoline increased by 5% this week.

To find the price of gasoline this week.


If an original price of an object a increased by b% the final price will be = a×\frac{100+b}{100}


The price of gasoline in this week = g×1.05 = 1.05g

[ Please note: Here option C and E have same value. So, both are correct].

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