What is the value of the interquartile range of the dea below?

4 5 8 13

What is the value of the interquartile range of the dea below?  4 5 8 13


the rocket cannot penetrate the ground, in a contextual sense, therefore the roots of this equation should be the domain of this function. i'll let you find the roots of this quadratic equation (hint: use the quadratic formula:  

1- c


step-by-step explanation:

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The graph below represents the height in meters of a toy rocket t seconds after it was launched upwa

it is a. 4.2 because 7.6-3.4 gets the remaining length of 4.2. i might be wrong but i am pretty sure this is the answer.


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So first you have to find the median, to do this you use the formula (n+1)/2 with n being how many numbers there are.
As there are 4 numbers we can substitute it into the formula to make (4+1)/2 which is 2.5
Then you find the 2nd place and the 3rd place (which are 5 and 8) and find exactly the middle of them which is 6.5 (the median)

To find the lower quartile we take the 2.5 from earlier and divide it by 2 to make 1.25 so we find where that place is in the number. 4 is the first place and then we find what 1/4 is and add that on to make 4.25 which is the lower quartile.

Then you do 2.5+1.25 to find the upper quartile to make 3.75 so we find where that is in the numbers which is in-between 8 and 13 so it will be 8+1.22 to make 9.22

So to find the interquartile range you do the upper quartile takeaway the lower quartile so 9.22-4.25 which is 4.97 and that is the answer

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