When quentin ordered a tennis racquet recently, he agreed to pay a 7% shipping and handling charge. if quentin paid 9.45 in shipping and handling, how much must the racquet have cost?


The cost of the racquet is \$135

Step-by-step explanation:


x-----> the cost of the racquet

we know that

The racquet represent the 100%


using proportion




Racket must have cost 135.

Step-by-step explanation:


Percentile amount of shipping and handling charge = 7%

Actual amount of shipping and handling charge= 9.45

we need to find the Cost of racket.


Let the cost of racket be 'x'.

Now we can say that:

Percentile amount of shipping and handling charge multiplied by cost of racket and then divided by 100 is equal to actual amount of shipping and handling charge.

framing in equation form we get;


Multiplying both side by  \frac{100}{7} we get;

\frac{7}{100}x\times \frac{100}{7}=9.45\times \frac{100}{7}\\\\x=135

hence Racket must have cost 135.

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