Third digit number it's a round to nearest hundred it runs to 900 the digit in the ones place is the number you count beginning with the one some of the digit is 22 what is the number


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there are 70 more legs than eyes at the dog show (196 – 126 = 70). dogs have two more legs than eyes, and humans have the same number of legs as eyes. thus 70 is twice the number of dogs at the show, so the number of dogs is half of 70, which is 35. to get the number of humans, subtract 35 from 63: 63 – 35 = 28.

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Iam stuck on this problem and am having trouble solving it. dies anyone know the steps to solving it

complete the steps to find the area of the trapezoid.

area of rectangle = 256   square units

area of triangle 1 = 24  square units

area of triangle 2 = 16  square units

area of triangle 3 =   96 square units

area of trapezoid = 120  square units

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