Ineed w these 2 problems and work needs to be shown

Ineed w these 2 problems and work needs to be shown


Use the slope and distance formula.
Ineed  with these 2 problems  step by step
To change a a fraction that is a hundredth to a decimal, you just use the first number as a percent, so the answer is 102%. The reason this works is because a percent is a number relevant to a hundred units. Where 1% is 1/100, 102/100 would be 102%. For the next problem we have 5.5 percent. To get it to a decimal we turn it to a fraction first, which is 5.5/100, and then we will divide by 100. We move the decimal to the left twice, giving us 0.055 as the decimal form.
5) adding 2 each time

i can't help with number 6 sorry i hope number 5 helps

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1. 343^(2/3)3rdrt[(343(343)]492. [2,197^(1/3)]^2[3rdrt(2,197)]^21693. 729^(2/3)3rdrt[729(729)]814. (1,000^2)^(1/3)3rdrt(1,000^2)1005. [3rdrt(9261)]^24416. [3rdrt(216^2)]36Hope this...Read More
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