Shawna makes a hit 30% of the time that she is at bat select the model that could be used to simulate the experiment probability that shawna will make a hit the next 20 times she is bat. for each, assume the simulation is performed 20 times. mark all that apply.
a. rolling two number cubes with 1-6 on and counting the times two 5s are rolled
b. having a bag with the digits 0-9 written on individual slips of paper and counting the times 7,8,or 9 is draw
c. using a spinner divided into 3 congruent sections, one labeled "hit",and counting the times the spinner lands on "hit"
d. having 10 index cards,3 of which are red, and counting the times when card is randomly selected from the stack
e. having a bag with 20 marbles, 6 of which are white, and counting the times when a white marble is randomly drawn from the bag



For each cube there are 6 outcomes, so there are 6*6 = 36 outcomes for two dice. Visually you can have a table that is 6 rows and 6 columns leading to 36 cells overall.

The answer is 1/6.

With two dice, there are two possibilities to get 13. The first possibility is if dice 1 lands on 6 whilst dice 2 lands on 7. The second possibility is if dice 1 lands on 7 and dice 2 lands on 6. 2/12 simplifies to 1/6
I think it’s A, since there are more than one cube it cannot be 1
I think it’s a 50 percent chance

There is a 1/4 chance of Missy rolling a prime number on both cubes.

Step-by-step explanation:

Rolling one 6-sided cube, Missy has a 3/6 or 1/2 chance of landing on a prime number because the prime numbers between 1 and 6 (inclusive) are 2,3 and 5. When Missy rolls 2, 6-sided cubes, however, the chances of that happening lessens, and we multiply 1/2 by 1/2 as a result. Therefore, when Missy rolls two 6-sided cubes, there is a 1/4 chance of Missy rolling a prime number on both cubes.

The probability that Rachel will win the game p(E) = 1/18 =0.055

Step-by-step explanation:

5/12 if that’s an answer

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