Does the expression (4r + 6) also represent the. 2
number of females on the team this year? explain.


What are the choices
Hey mate here is the answerthe correct answer is b may it will you
Below are two different functions, f(x) and g(x). what can be determined about their slopes? a) the

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step-by-step explanation:


step-by-step explanation:

Can someone give me a random middle school 7th grade math question , it is for this

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Only in d. are the number related by multiplication  (Multiplied by 3 each time to get the next number in the sequence).3 x 3 =99 x 3 =2727 x 3 = 81 etc....Read More
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1. sometimes 2. never true3. sometimesstep-by-step explanation: these are pretty self explanatory if you know what supp right and com angles are...Read More
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