Using the binomial theorem, obtain the expansion of (1+3x)^6+(1-3x)^6 simplifying all the terms . use the result to calculate the value of (1.03)^6+(0.97)^6 correct to 5 decimal places


I'm pretty sure it's b). i try drawing the functions out and b is the one that stands out or isnt a "line"

you never say the total so we cant find the percentage used for petrol

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The length of what is left would be 1 1/2 feet long.
Can some one me with this math problem

u what ?

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Do you know the answer?

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  25Step-by-step explanation:The number that needs to be added is the square of half the x-coefficient:   (-10/2)^2 = 25Adding that gives ...   (x -5)^2 = 32   x = 5 ± 4√2...Read More
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Answerthe simplified expression is[tex]2x + 28[/tex]explanationthe given expression is,[tex]2(10) + 2(x - - 4)[/tex]let us deal with the bracket first.the two negatives in the pare...Read More
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